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A Barre concept that combines power and grace with flow. A full body workout that mixes barre, functional training and yoga. Inspiration to your own classes!

"We love to create a barre class were you can feel graceful and strong at the same time. We also promise a fullbody workout that includes core, yoga and cardio."

The instructor training is ONLINE and for you to work in your own tempo- and we also open up the concept for you to create your own classes (with inspiration from our if you wish..)

Sign up NOW for the new training HERE

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Åsa and Maria has more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry; both as international presenter and Nike master trainers with a passion to create concepts that makes both instructors and participants to shine and grow from inside and out.

Barre Move is a concept that works for everyone, a brilliant core, strength and flexibility training in 45 min. Fall 2023 we will open up the class for a more creative way of using Barre Move to a flowing class adjusted to your and your participants need- Barre Flow read more


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