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RELEASE 24- Can´t tame her

A feeling of indescribable strength, rawness, and power combined with fragility, softness, and grace.

It's okay to be both strong and delicate - in the studio as well as in life.

We believe that together we are stronger and that working as a community will have a greater impact - but we do not believe in taming anyone to conform or that everyone should be molded in the same way.

We are all unique - yet together, we become stronger.

This is what we want to communicate in this release - which will be our last release in this format.

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Barre Move goes Barre Flow

After 24 strong releases and countless thoughts/conversations and briefings on how to continue evolving, we have decided on a new approach.

Instead of receiving a finished release where everything is set, we will be working more with a model exercise bank.

We will create and film sequences that we continuously upload to a Barre library.

There, you can pick & choose for yourself and create your own class that can be, for example, 30, 45, or 55 minutes long.

We hope to have a more flowing class - thus, Barre Move will become Barre Flow.

It will not have the same structure as before - instead, you will put together your own class based on the exercise bank.

If you want more focus on strength, you can have that - if you want more focus on ballet, you can have that.

More freedom - even more room to adapt and modify according to your participants - but still with the security of having a solid source to draw from.

Of course, you can continue using older releases if you wish - but after this final release, material will be uploaded to a Barre library that we will continue to fill and update regularly.

More info soon- the official release will be at Dance Detox Flow in NYC octobber 2023.



Practise Barre Move at home or wherever you want! Use our promocode to try for free for 30 days (code: BARREMOVE)

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